Unicorns, Krakens, Self Organized Teams and other Mythological Beasts

Speaker: Angel Medinilla

One of the clear common principle between Lean and Agile is the need to promote self-organizing teams that are empowered both to take care of the project and the organization’s continuous improvement. Nevertheless, when we ask traditional command-and-control teams to self-organize and be Agile… Well, anything can happen from anarchy to chaos, including teams that have good intentions but crash the project, team that self-organize to drop Agile and go back to Waterfall Development, or teams that self-organize to create a parallel company that competes with their employer. By the way, what are managers supposed to do on a self-organizing teams company? And, if we are responsible and self-organizing, why do we even need a ScrumMaster or Agile Coach?

In this talk we will explore the boundaries of self-organization on Agile environments, the rules and path to successful self-organization, an evolution and maturity model for Agile teams, how to progressively delegate, and the role of managers and Agile Coachs on a self-organizing teams ecosystem.

Of course, there will be unicorns and krakens too.



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