The Last Responsible Moment

We’re all set. International speakers Angel Medinilla, Claudio Perrone and Andrea Darabos are all arranged to get here next week. The conference center is making last arrangements. The speakers are polishing up their presentations and speeches. We’ve even got all the office supplies delivered.

All this is now waiting for You!


By the same time next week you can say:

“If only I postponed that status or 1:1 or whatever-yet-another-boring meeting”

“If only I insisted with the training department to get the budget”

“If only I made another last effort to convince my manager that I want to go”

Or (if you haven’t done so yet), you can be with the few, select, top-of-the-list awesome Agile Practitioners who clicked the ‘Order Now’ button, and join the greatest Agile conference in Israel.

Yes, you may be hesitating now and thinking: I’ve got so much work to go through. How can I afford to lose a day at the office?

If you are, think of this: there are two days on the yearly calendar when you can sharpen your axe, and gear yourself to chop your wood with the proper tools, instead of your worn-out amateur pocket-knife.

C’mon, join the real Agile pros.

You owe it to yourself!

Register now.



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