Starting up and improving on the way

Speaker – Elad Ash

So you read about Agile, watched videos, participated in meetups, conferences and now you want to start.
But here’s what you didn’t learn – from day one you are going to face objections, naysayers and skeptics. Your team leaders will be concerned about their roles, managers will fear that velocity will decrease and you will feel that your house of cards will crumble and fall.
Have I scared you? Don’t despair! Who said you need to have it all and know it all from the start?
MyHeritage’s R&D development mantra is: “small measurable changes”. We measure every new feature, A/B test it and decide what to do next, based on the results. We practiced this same approach when adopting agile methodology and enjoyed a fast and relatively smooth transition.
This session will explain the steps we took to adopt an agile methodology, and will provide some guidelines based on our experiences.



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