Lean Lens

Speaker: Andrea Darabos

The Lean Lens(cc) is a game and a simple practice designed to help you improve your own organisation. In this session, we will have time for a short “taster” but will provide you with further tips on the full practice at the end of the talk.

Why Lean Lens(cc)?

Too many companies and teams find it difficult to talk about “waste” and remove it from their operations – things they do that do not add value to the customer. There are technical as well as cultural reasons for this.
In a software development context, waste is hard to recognize as work is about processing an intangible flow of information. Often the definition of waste and value is missing for the company.
On the cultural side, it is hard to discuss waste without fear and blaming.
To address these challenges, with my colleague, Bazil Arden, in 2014 we have developed a game called Lean Lens (cc), which is designed to help teams “see waste” in their software development lifecycle and to move them towards actionable continuous improvement.
We play in the world of an imaginary company and learn to recognize examples of Mary Poppendieck’s lean software wastes. The game creates momentum to use the value stream mapping technique and visualize waste in your daily work, on a waste grid, etc.

Who is this session for?

Product managers, Developers, Managers, Scrum Masters, Change agents,…
The game is a great way to learn about lean and agile. All welcome!

Next steps:

The game has been so far played in London, Barcelona, Budapest and is waiting to be taken on a journey in your own organisation.
We will play a short “taster” of the Lean Lens (cc) this time.
If you would like to take this back to your own organisation, we typically recommend a half-day session, best combined with your retrospectives. The game is shared under creative commons license (attribution, non-commercial).
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at andrea@leanadvantage.co.uk




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