Lean Problem Solving with A3 Thinking and Popcorn Flow

Speaker: Claudio Perrone

In this fun and highly-participative workshop, you’ll practice with two powerful methods to solve problems and introduce rapid change: A3 Thinking and Popcorn Flow.

A3 Thinking is a Lean management approach originated from Toyota to help you investigate and solve problems even outside your immediate circle of influence (e.g. cross team or even cross department), develop the critical thinking skills of people, and raise visibility within any organization.

With the help of the A3 Thinker’s Action Deck — an original set of 71 brainstorming cards — you’ll participate in games and activities to learn just enough to begin your journey into the world of A3 Thinking.
The deck will be yours to keep! It will stay with you well after the training, when you’ll face your most critical challenges in your workplace.

Depending on the complexity of the domain, however, not all problems can and should be solved with A3 Thinking.
Which is why, on the second part of the workshop, you’ll drop the investigator hat and practice with a new approach emerged from the application of entrepreneurial Lean Startup techniques to organizational change.
With Popcorn Flow you’ll learn a great way to work with teams to systematically highlight problems, elicit options and establish a continuous flow of small, traceable, co-created, explicit change experiments.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have gained solid techniques and tools that you’ll be able to apply as soon as you go back to your workplace.

Who is this for?

Change agents, managers, Agile team members…
I have some theories, but the only person who knows why you’ll ultimately choose to participate to this workshop is you.
If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me at claudio@agilesensei.com.

As for the difficulty level, this is extremely practical stuff in plain English.
Don’t miss it.



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