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The 4th Agile Practitioners conference is scheduled for January 27th-28th, and it’s going full steam ahead!

Every Agile Practitioners conference is special, and this one is double special – it is the first community-led Agile conference in Israel.

The theme of the conference is Learn Something New, and boy, did the community respond? Hell yes! We’ve had over 50 awesome submissions from more than 40 of the top agile practitioners in Israel. Now how heartwarming is that?!

So here’s where you come in!

We have two models for sponsorship:

  • Community sponsorship
  • Commercial sponsorship

Community Sponsorship

You know you are awesome. We know it too – after-all, taking the time to read this means you care about agile and the agile community.

Now let it be known. There is no price to the feeling of employees seeing your logo as a supporter of the conference. There is also no price to being a supporter of the local agile community.

How much to contribute is entirely up to you! It can be as little or as big as you like.

Click sponsorship community now to find all the details on community sponsorship.

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Commercial Sponsorship

Agile is here to stay, we all know that by now. And people and companies are looking for agile professionals and tools, that we all know too.

What we also know is that there are very few events each year where hundreds of Agile enthusiasts gather together to listen to top-notch talks, and to look for the latest and greatest in tools, training, consulting and all things Agile.

Agile Practitioners 2015 is the perfect day during which people are expecting to see, well, you! Be it a flier, a giveaway or you in person at your booth – you will draw the attention of many agilists.

What more, you will be contributing to the awesomest Agile event taking place in Israel, and it only happens one time every year.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to find all the commercial sponsorship options!

Want to know more? Email us now at

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