Agile – The Missing Lecture

Speaker – Uri Nativ.

I want to share with you the missing lecture. This one lecture I’ve missed. An important lesson no one has told me several years ago when I’ve jumped into the agile world. The one-hour insight I believe everyone in the software industry should hear. While trivial to me in retrospect, nothing was obvious back then when I’ve made my first agile baby steps.

I’m more than 7 years into agile by now, and things work just great. In fact, not great, it is AMAZING! Motivation is high, Quality rocks, TDD everywhere, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery are our second nature. Value is delivered to our customers with each and every step. If it looks like Agile and talks like Agile and walks like Agile, we’re doing it!

However that wasn’t the case when I’ve started. Things were far from perfect. I’ve read books and articles and tried to implement Scrum. But we were just not there. The water cooler talks were “Scrum is micromanagement!” responsibility was no-where, frustration was high, deliveries had little value and visibility was zero. Have I made the right move with Agile? What was I missing?

I will talk about Agile beyond the books. I’ll share what I’ve done wrong so you can learn faster. Common pitfalls you should avoid. Recipes to success you should embrace. Where to focus and what to ignore.If you are doing your first steps into agile. Stop everything and hear what I have to say. If you are into agile already, but something doesn’t feel right. If things are not working for you as you expect. If you hear agile coaches and think they are talking about flying unicorns and dreaming of some utopia,

then stop for a moment. Please hear me out. I believe this simple lecture is what would have made my journey easier, quicker and more fun. I wish to share that with you.



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