Agile Anywhere: Agile Software Engineering and Beyond

Speakers – Orit Hazzan and Yael Dubinsky

Agility is a concept that people, teams, organizations wish to be proud of as one of their traits. The message we convey in this workshop is that Agility can be implemented anywhere, and accordingly, we present ten guidelines for the adoption of agility that enable to cope with changes in our life, in our team, in our organizations. We also present our Human-Organizational-Thematic (HOT) framework that deals with all change scenes (software, human resources, research, education, climate and more) and deepen the examination of the concept of change, highlighting the fact that the agile approach supports changes of different kinds. Specifically, the following topics will be discussed in the context of agile organizations: change processes, time management, human resources, learning and reflective processes and culture.



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