About the conference

About Agile Practitioners 2015

We’re really excited. Agile Practitioners 2015 conference is on its way! In contrast to previous years, in which the conference was produced by Practical Agile, this year’s conference is produced and organized by volunteers in a fully cooperative and non-profit model!
The primary goal of the conference is to mark the peak event of the agile community in Israel. It is a community that meets regularly to participate in a variety of lectures, changes ideas, and create professional connections. It is a highly active community in various social networks groups in LinkedIn and Meetup. We hope that the conference will help us expand the community and its activity.
The conference will run in the following tracks:

  1. Beginner’s Track: You thought all this is much ado about nothing? Come here to learn and experience!
  2. Advanced Tracks: Looking for better ways for continuous improvement? Come here to learn from the best professionals in Israel. We’ve had so many great submissions to this track, that we have opened an additional one!
  3. Human Resources / Senior Management Track: Interested to learn how agility can influence your employees’ productivity? How their attitude towards work might change? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Come here to learn from the ones who’ve done this.

This is a two days conference, in which day one is dedicated for workshops and day two hosts four tracks of talks and mini-workshops.
You may find the complete conference program here.

Where? When? Who?

Agile Practitioners 2015 takes place at Kfar Hamaccabiah conference center, 8 Perets Bernstein St., Ramat Gan, Israel. Click here for directions and transportation options.

The conference dates are:

January 27th, 2015: Workshops day

January 28th, 2015: Conference day

The conference is for any Agile practitioner, novice, intermediate or expert, seeking to increase their knowledge and network. The program is carefully crafted to suit programmers, testers, managers, product managers, program managers, human-resources professionals, coaches, consultants, senior managers, and practically anyone who is or wants to be an awesome Agile Practitioner.

Who is going to the conference?

See who else is going at the conference’s social page:


The Conference Organizing Committee

The conference is organized on a voluntary basis by 9 agile enthusiasts, taking care of all aspects of the conference, including administration, gathering content, marketing, production, sponsorship, etc.

Our goal is to create a meeting place for people to learn new concepts and ideas and to share knowledge, that will nurture the local agile community.

Member of the organizing committee:

Amit Yedidia, Qualcomm
Daphne Leshem
, Leshem-Shinuy
Dror Helper, CodeValue
Elad Sofer, Practical Agile
Gil Zilberfeld, Self employed
Ilan Kirschenbaum, Practical Agile
Lior Friedman, Practical Agile
Lior Israel, NCR Retail
Oren Kdoshim, Tel-Aviv Municipality

About Agile Practitioners IL

Agile Practitioners IL is a thriving and ever-growing community of agile enthusiasts, both from Israel and worldwide, which exists in online discussions, mainly at its LinkedIn group Agile Practitioners IL, and in monthly meet-ups taking place in agile aware software organizations in Israel.

Agile Practitioners IL was formed by 3 Israeli agile coaches and leaders, who initiated the group, and are nurturing it through the discussions, meetings, and its continuous growth.

About Agile

Above all, agility is a mindset. Being agile is about being responsible for the software you make, and for the ways of making it.

Agile Software Development, in contrast to many former methods and frameworks, is a holistic approach, combining the human, process, engineering, contractual, product and marketing to name some of its aspects.

In broad terms, agility in developing software involves iterative, incremental and evolutionary development approach, advocating cross-functional and feature teams, and high standards of engineering and leadership practices.

The term Agile Software Development was coined in February 2001, when 17 prominent software development leaders met in Snowbird, Utah, and created the Agile Manifesto. At that time many of the today-agile frameworks were already being practiced – for example Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP). With the introduction of the Agile Manifesto, these frameworks, and many new ones that emerged since, are considered under the Agile ‘umbrella’.

Agility itself, just like the principles it advocates, is constantly changing and evolving. It is therefore no surprise that agile conferences are thriving, as speakers worldwide are mastering and enhancing values, principles and practices, to reflect the changing reality.

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