5 Whys Challenge–Shmuel Gershon

Have you registered yet? The conference is less than two months away, so you’d better hurry!

Speaking of conferences, last week was EuroSTAR, the annual European conference about software testing, one of the biggest in the world at that. Our next 5 Whys challenger , not only gave a session there, but also added an impromptu keynote that garnered lots of great feedback. So when we talk about international speakers, we don’t just talk about the guest speakers we bring in from abroad, it’s those that come from the local community as well.

Welcome Shmuel Gershon. Shmuel, a test ninja and as the EuroSTAR attendees could see, a very agile speaker, will give his session: “Personas, for people’s sake!”. Let’s see how he fairs:

Why should people come to the conference?

Make new friends, learn new stuff, eat good food.

Agile Practitioners is a special conference because it is as broad as software is. Not a conference about programming, or about testing, or about Agile methods. It is a place in which practitioners that relate to agile talk about anything software-practice-related: from people skills to the best syntax for your unit-tests, through simulation games.

Why should people come to my session?

This should be an intriguing session, or so I hope. Software conferences talk too little about people and team dynamics; and when someone talks about this important subject it is often too soft or too fluffy… hard to translate into action. I am trying to make it the opposite – this talk presents a clear practice to improve a team behavior and attitude, something that can be adopted by different teams in different levels, often with little effort.

Why did I choose this topic?

This topic and the idea presented came from trying to solve a real problem in a real team. It is a method I believe in and am working towards trying to get empirical results from it.

Why do I think you should also go to “The Missing Lecture” session by Uri Nativ?

Many of us walk around with the impression that there should be something more. That Agile sounds much better than it is in practice. In his lecture, Uri Nativ proposes his suggestion for the problem – a set of learnings that helped him bridge between “what is” and “what I expected to be”. Will his learnings solve your problem? Not sure, and unlikely. But it can help you find your very own solution.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Did it? Think again Neo, there is no road.


Well, if there’s no road, what is this journey we’re on? Oh dear, we’re headed toward the philosophical zone.

Shmuel is right. The Agile Practitioners 2015 topics are as wide as agile itself. And not just the topics, the speakers and attendees come from many different perspectives. So if you’re a tester and didn’t think about coming – not only there’s a place for you, we get you the best speakers too.

Time to go. I’ll be back again in a few days, with the next speaker and challenger. In the mean time, go and register.

Oh you did? Good.

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