5 Whys Challenge–Angel Medinilla

You need to register now if you want to hear our keynote speaker, Angel Medinilla, who this week takes on the 5 Whys Challenge. For those of you who remember him from last year – well,  that’s why we got him back. He was so entertaining! This time Angel will talk about “Unicorns, Krakens, Self Organizing Teams and Other Mythological Beasts”. Can’t wait to see a real Kraken!

Let’s see what Angel has to say:

Why should people come to the conference?

Agile Practitioners Israel has one of the most friendly and enthusiastic attendance of all conferences I usually participate at. I vividly remember how the audience resonated with my talk last year and how people were so friendly and welcoming to me. I don’t know about other opportunities to improve your Agile practice around the place, but you should definitively check this one.

Besides, the food is awesome, the weather in January will make you jealous and Israel is an amazing country to visit -even if you have your passport checked eight times before your leave, it’s still worth it Winking smile

Why should people come to my session?

It’s the opening keynote (duh!)

No, seriously, I have gained some reputation as a passionate, energizing and funny speaker. I promise to deliver some thunder to get the event startedSmile

Why did I choose this topic?

Self-organization is a big concept in the Agile and Lean world, yet I very seldom see real, effective, constructive examples of self-organization. Either teams are really controlled and constricted or anarchy has turned Agile into a playground with disastrous results. Esther Derby says that self-organization is one of the most misleading and poorly understood terms of the decade, so I decided to share my thoughts on how to align self-organization to something positive. 

Why do I think you should also go to Ilan Kirchenbaum‘s session IF AGILE IS SUCH FUN, WHY IS THERE A QUEUE AT THE HR OFFICE?

The title is just so appealing. It resonates with some of my own experiences with Agile transformations, specially in those top-down roll-outs where developers will just oppose anything coming from management or in those cases where some strong laggards will fight back any change or improvement initiative at the organization. No matter if Agile is a clever idea, you will always find that someone is really p*ssed-off about it. It’s a human thing and it’s not about Agile at all, but about Ego and change. I’m really curious about this session.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To move out of her comfort zone and improve, of course 🙂


What’s that? I just received news that the Kraken is not real. Well, I sure hope that the unicorn is!

Apart from the presenting a keynote, Angel will also have a workshop called “Agile Kaizen” the day before the conference. In fact, while you’re looking at the program, take a look at the workshops this year. They are going to be awesome. In fact, if I wasn’t doing an awesome workshop myself, I’d go into one of the other workshops.

Check them out, and register now!



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