5 Whys Challenge: Yuval Yeret

So we have some top speakers, throughout the agile land, you already know that. But you probably want some more, right?

If you’re following the agile world, you have probably heard of kanban. It has taken off over the last few years as a modern management method, which is based on lean concepts.

Our next challenger knows kanban. In fact, he’s one of the few Brickell Key Awardees, given to top thought leaders in the kanban community. Yuval Yeret, who’s session in the Agile Practitioners 2015 is “AGILE FROM THE EXECUTIVE FLOOR – DEFINING AGILITY IN BUSINESS TERMS”, is stepping up to the challenge.

Why should people come to the conference?

To have an opportunity to hear from their peer practitioners whether it is in the formal talks on stage or over some coffee and fruits/cake.  

Why should people come to my session?

I’ll be talking about how to present Agile to executives. I think most of us agile practitioners  find ourselves in a situation where we need our managers/executives to buy into what we’re doing or the vision we’re trying to bring into fruition. And we typically do a miserable job of it ending up getting lukewarm support. Executives/Senior managers in the audience will obviously find it even more interesting as it will help them get this business perspective of agile directly without waiting for a practitioner to tell them about it…

Why did I choose this topic?

Because I feel stronger understanding and support from above can help accelerate agility in many organizations and I feel this is an under-served topic. 

Why do I think you should also go to Ran Deri and Noam Zweig session “MANAGING TECHNICAL DEBT IN CYBERARK”?

Every practitioner would benefit from checking out CyberArk’s story where an amazing group of people are very serious about their agile journey, experimentation, improvement, flow and self-organization pragmatically combining practices from Scrum, Kanban and whatever works. I’ve been trying to get them to tell their story for a while now… 

Why did the chicken cross the road?

‘Cause she saw the pig on the other side and wanted to suggest a new business venture to him.


Agile is about learning, and learning comes from experimentation. One of the experiment’s we’re running this year is an Executive track, where Yuval will present.

If you ask me, with such a line-up the experiment is bound to succeed.

But don’t take just my word.  Check out the program and speakers.

Now go register.



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