5 Whys Challenge: Lital Hassine

What kind of an agile conference takes itself seriously enough to do a retrospective as part of it?

The Agile Practitioners 2015 conference of course!

And we take ourselves seriously enough to get the best people for the job. Welcome today’s “5 Whys” challenger, Lital Hassine, a software person by trade and a retrospective ninja by hobby. Lital will run the Retrospective session, right before the closing keynote, and I’m sure there’ll be lots of chances to learn and improve.

Why should people come to the conference?

If you are into agile then you are into continuous improvement. This is where you can learn from others and push yourself out of the comfort zone.

Why should people come to my session?

In “The Retrospective session” you can practice continuous improvement by giving feedback on the conference and improve your retro skills.

Why did I choose this topic?

Retrospectives are always the best part of scrum, it is where you feel you grow, change and adapt. Since doing retros twice a sprint was out voted by my team, plan B is to do retros whenever possible.

Why do I think you should also go to “The missing lecture” session by Uri Nativ?

I remember when I started to implement Agile, I had a book, green light from management and this crazy idea that this is all I needed. Moving to agile is a process with ups and downs. The downs can be frustrating and you find yourself helpless. Come get your inspiration boost and some tips to help you rock your way to agile.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it was part of the sprint commitment and it didn’t want to let the team down.


Great answers Lital! Maybe in a few weeks, or even after the conference we can do a retrospective ourselves, and we’ll discover what we can improve for the next time.

As in not letting me write all this nonsense.

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