5 Whys Challenge: Elad Ash

We’re down to almost a month from the conference! That’s not enough time to both register and make fun of your friends who haven’t. So go REGISTER!

When we started building the program, under the theme “Learn Something New”, we knew that we needed good teachers. Those who’ve fought in the trenches, that went up the hill and planted the flags. Or to use a less military metaphor, those who went to Mordor and dropped a ring into the mountain.

Elad Ash is one of those people. Elad is the VP of R&D at MyHeritage, a company that created their own model of agile work. It wasn’t done overnight. In his session, “STARTING UP AND IMPROVING ON THE WAY”, he’ll describe what his company went through (and still is) going through the agile change process.

Here are Elad’s succinct answers to the toughest questions in agile:

Why should people come to the conference?

Because there’s comfort in numbers

Why should people come to my session?

To know that doing a change doesn’t require knowing the end results.

Why did I choose this topic?

I believe in explaining how change should be done – in small steps.

Why do I think you should also go to “WHY ARE QA MEMBERS GOOD SCRUM MASTERS?” by GULL BEN-DAVID?

To learn a new perspective on what is a scrum master role and how QA is a good fit, and also since Gull is an inspirational person to meet.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To run from commitment.


The problem when running from commitment is we might be blindsided from unexpected surprises! How’s that for a metaphor?

Anyway, you should go ahead, check out the program (don’t forget the workshops!) and if you haven’t yet, go register.



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