5 Whys Challenge: Andrea Darabos

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One of the confusing things in the agile fields are names. There’s agile and scrum and kanban and lean and SAFe and lots of others. Names are important, but then where’s the overlap? How do they differ?

In times like that, it’s important to remember that values trump names. The values behind the different methods don’t differ much.

For example, reducing waste appears in every agile methodology. Our next 5 Whys Challenger, Andrea Darabos, coming all the way from the UK, co-invented a game that helps “see” the waste in the development process. Andrea is bringing that game, called Lean Lens, to Agile Practitioners 2015, so you can teach others how to identify waste. Plus, Andrea will join Angel Medinilla to co-facilitate the Agile Kaizen workshop, on the 27th. Let’s see what Andrea has to say.

Why should people come to the conference?
A conference is always an opportunity to take a break and interact with diverse individuals, while also having fun.
For me, conferences are about being inspired and about learning something new. That happens to be the slogan for Agile Practitioners 2015, so I feel in safe hands 🙂
Besides, no one should miss the keynote from my favourite speaker, Angel Medinilla!

Why should people come to my session?
To be inspired and to learn something new!
Both the Agile Kaizen workshop and the Lean Lens mini-workshop use gamification to help us experience lean and agile in practice. By playing, complex, theoretical concepts become real and easily applicable.

Why did I choose this topic?
I chose to help out on the Agile Kaizen workshop as I work in the same field, at the boundary of lean and agile thinking. I believe that there is still too little knowledge sharing between the traditional, lean and the agile, lean startup communities. The workshop and Angel’s new book is addressing this intersection and summarizes practices as a whole, complete Kaizen system.
The Lean Lens is a game developed by me and my colleague and it is about learning to “go and see”, how exactly work is done in our organisation, teams today and how more value can be created for our customers. The concepts and principles of lean waste, value streams and visual management are often not widely used in today’s organisations – which we would like to change with this simple game.

Why do I think you should also go to Uri Nativ‘s session “The missing Lecture”?
The title “The Missing Lecture” definitely raised my curiosity. Embracing agility is a long, continuous journey and it is far too easy to forget what were the essential steps and retrospectives your organisation or teams did to reach where you are today.
There is far too often a lot of advice from people and companies on the “top” of the mountain on how “real” agility looks like and should be – flying unicorns, heh – but the missing lecture might show the path and some practical tips for most of us, who are not yet enjoying all the benefits and dream world of agility.
I am curious to revisit these forgotten first steps.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
She wanted to see if the sun is brighter there, the people are friendlier and the agile community hotter than on her side. 🙂 I am looking forward to share this experience with the Agile Practitioners!

Can’t add much, except when talking about poultry and heat in the same sentence, I get hungry.

While I go grab me some lunch, check out the program and workshops. Man, I wish my “Learn Something New” would include cloning…



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