5 Why Challenge: Naama Gafni-Lifshitz

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At the heart of agile there’s communication. As agile started, it was about the communication inside the team. But as agile, and especially scrum, showed succsses, organizations started to ask “how can we scale that?”.

If communication is so hard wired into agile, how do you scale it?

Our next 5 Whys Challenger, Naama Gafni-Lifshitz is going to speak on “PRODUCT TEAM AND WORK MODEL”, covering her experience doing just that. Let’s see what she has to say about the 5 Whys Challenge.

Why should people come to the conference?

Because it is a great opportunity to see what other people are doing and leverage the community networking for future learning and improvement

Why should people come to my session?

Because my session is a presentation of a “good practice”, and people can actually take elements from it to their daily work.  Also because I have really cool slides, that I drew myself.

Why did I choose this topic?

I chose this topic because I find that many projects are struggling with the question of how to combine project management and agile teams. Since I have been working in Agile for 6 years, I have seen many projects… so iI have my 2 cents to share.

Why do I think you should also go to “STARTING UP AND IMPROVING ON THE WAY” session by Elad Ash?

For me it is always interesting to see how other people approach agile, and specifically addressing the agile change in an agile way.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

She wanted to practice “Go to the gemba” with her team on the other side


Naama already got a couple of recommendations from her fellow speakers, and there’s a good reason. Her presentations are always interesting, and got tons of hands on examples. Our conference theme is Learn Something New, I’m sure you’ll learn lots of new things at hers session.

So don’t wait, we’re starting to run low on seats. Register now.



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